Maszuari Muhamad

Larian Perpaduan 2018 - Klang

9 Dec 2018, Sun
10.0 km

Position: 8th (Veteran)
Avg pace: 4:16min/km
It was a wet race and it was quite difficult to run fast. Legs were heavy after running 5km. Maybe lack of long tempo run at 10k pace. Got to watch out what I eat during race week too.

Shah Alam Half Marathon 2018

18 Nov 2018, Sun
21.3 km
1 h 34 m 57 s

The condition was hot and the course was hilly. Had a stitch from 5km to 15km and it was uncomfortable.

HSN21KM 2018

13 Oct 2018, Sat
21.4 km

Avg pace: 4:24/km
Position 5th (Vet)
The route was quite tough after 12 km.

BHPetrol Orange Run 2018

30 Sep 2018, Sun
11.2 km
47 m 29 s

Pos: 5th in Vet.
Avg pace: 4:14/km
Tune-up race. Use this event to train race sharpness.

CICM Responsible Care Run 2018

19 Aug 2018, Sun
21.0 km
1 h 38 m 37 s

Position: 3rd (Vet).
Had run this course 2 years ago and this time it was 2 minutes slower than the previous one.

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