Maszuari Muhamad

Larian Komuniti Klang 2016

18 Dec 2016, Sun
10.4 km
47 m 47 s

Have not run in the morning for a month. The last time I ran in the morning, it was before Putrajaya Night Marathon.
Avg pace : 4:35/km (Getting slow now, maybe age is catching up).
Took a wrong route at a junction near Jusco Bukit Raja. Had to turn back. There were no signage or marshal at the junction.
Position : 9th in Men's Open

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2016

12 Nov 2016, Sat
42.3 km
3 h 31 m 39 s

A lot of rolling hills. The condition was very chill and windy.
Avg pace : 5:00/km
Elevation: 464m
Position : 12th in Men's Open

HSN21KM 2016

8 Oct 2016, Sat
21.3 km
1 h 34 m 30 s

Avg pace : 4:26/km
Elevation : 467m
Made same mistake, ran too fast too early again. Paid the price on the second part of the race.
Position : 18th in Men's Open (Unofficial)

Larian Bandar DiRaja Oren Sport Run 2016

16 Sep 2016, Fri
13.0 km
57 m 4 s

Managed to run 13 km before this event was called off because of heavy rain and thunderstorm/lighting.

CICM Responsible Care Run 2016

28 Aug 2016, Sun
20.8 km
1 h 36 m 5 s

Avg pace 4:37 min/km
Elevation : 455m
Position : 2nd in Men's Open
Very challenging route with a lot of rolling hills. At the beginning of the run, there were a few roads that I could not see because it was very dark (worry about potholes).

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