Maszuari Muhamad

Newton Challenge 2015

20 Dec 2015, Sun
30.1 km
2 h 11 m 26 s

Avg pace 4:22/km
Elevation gain 667m
Highest elevation 125m
Actual route distance 30.13 km
Position 3rd in Men's Open category

Mizuno Wave Run 2015

13 Dec 2015, Sun
21.0 km
1 h 29 m 35 s

Avg pace 4:17/km.
Elevation gain 252m.
Highest elevation 55m.
Second half of the route has more steep inclines than the first half, therefore I could not maintain my intended pace (need to improve on hills). Due to lack of signage, have to slow down on a few junctions to figure out which way to run.
Position : 1st

Larian Gegar 2015

15 Nov 2015, Sun
21.0 km
1 h 30 m 27 s

Avg pace 4:26 min/km
Elevation gain : Will update later.
Hilly route and quite a lot of U-turns.
Route distance based on my GPS watch : 20.4 km
1 loop = 10.2 km
Position : 2nd (Men's category)

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2015

24 Oct 2015, Sat
42.0 km

Did not run due to cancellation of the event.

HRDF Half Marathon 2015

10 Oct 2015, Sat
21.0 km

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