Maszuari Muhamad

Newton Challenge 2014

28 Dec 2014, Sun
24.2 km
1 h 53 m 13 s

Avg pace 4:41 min/km. Position : 9th. Finish time based on my GPS watch.

GM Klang Run For It 8 2014

14 Dec 2014, Sun
21.7 km
1 h 40 m 12 s

Avg pace 4:37 min/km. Position 8th. This is my first time finish in top ten in Men's Open category. Did not expect to get 8th position. My target was merely to create a new PR in half marathon.

NM Galaxy Road Run 2014 4th Series

30 Nov 2014, Sun
21.0 km
1 h 57 m 41 s

Ran at an easy pace. Felt better than previous race but still not fully fit. It would take a few months to get back to normal level.
Finish time based on my GPS watch.
Avg 5:37 min/km
Hb 7.7 g/dL (20-11)

Live Great Run 2014

9 Nov 2014, Sun
12.3 km
1 h 12 m 49 s

Net time: 1h 12m 25s.
Rank: 199
Tired after only a few KMs. Not fully fit. Just enjoy the run and views ;-). No race until end of November.

Pacesetters 3030 Run 2014

2 Nov 2014, Sun
30.2 km
3 h 10 m 42 s

Fatigue. Still not fully recover from previous race. After first 2 or 3 km of running, strides became heavy. Felt sore on upper legs muscles too. Treated this run as a long run training (ran at very easy pace).
Avg pace : 6:17 min/km
Net time : 3:10:37
Gun time : 3:10:42
Rank : 64

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