Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017
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  •  Well organized

    By Maszuari Muhamad : Friday, 26 May 2017 at 11:35 am

    - Race kit collection was pretty smooth and well-organized. - Water stations were more than adequate. - There were two energy gels and bananas stations for full marathon course. - Crew, volunteers and medical teams were very helpful. - There were musical bands that provided entertainment along the course. - Emcees were awesome. They were cheering and supporting runners. - There were people cheering near the finish line. Full marathon route review :- - Hilly. Elevation gain : 500+ m. - The last 10km is most challenging part of the course because of steep hills. - There were people cheering runners in the city. - Even though the course was slightly different than last year, it was still hilly.

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