Larian Komuniti Klang 2016
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    By Maszuari Muhamad : Monday, 19 December 2016 at 1:13 am

    Route review:- - The 10km route was mostly flat. Only one hill. Elevation gain : 47m - Adequate water stations. Pros:- - Cheap registration fee. Only RM 20. - Have a wheelchair category which is free registration. Cons:- - The announcement for Men's Open category podium winners was delayed because a few runners were disputing on the result. - What cause the disputation? A junction at KM 7 (near Jusco Bukit Raja) did not have a signage or marshal and it cause a few runners took a wrong route. - Personally, I think the route along Jalan Meru was quite dangerous for runners because it was too close to traffic and since we started at 7:30 am, the traffic at Jalan Meru was starting to build up. And then there were fumes from vehicles which are bad for runners' health.

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