IJM Land Run 2015

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  •  An enjoyable event

    By Maszuari Muhamad : Thursday, 13 August 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Here is my review on IJM Land Run 2015. Route review : 1. Hilly route. According to my GPS stats, the elevation gain is 286m and elevation loss is 284m. Max elevation is 154m. 2. There was a killer hill somewhere between KM 10 to KM 11. Good : 1. Generous goodies. Useful vouchers and plenty of biscuits. 2. Provided a good breakfast meal; nasi goreng. 3. Clear sign boards. 4. Adequate water stations. Bad : 1. Route for 20 km category was under distance. Based on my GPS watch, it was 17.8 km. Short by 2.2 km. Overall, it was an enjoyable and successful event. Hopefully, the bad point would be improved on next year event which will have a half marathon route.

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