Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014
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Maszuari Muhamad

42.2 km
3 h 46 m 34 s

My first full marathon.
Gun time : 3:46:34
Net time : 3:46:18
Rank : 78
Held back my pace from KM 1 to KM 21. Did not want to overuse my energy on the first half of the race.
From KM 22 to 33, increased pace gradually. After KM 34, started to have cramp on my left calf somewhere at Jalan Langgak Tunku which made me stopped for a moment.
Could also felt muscle soreness on my right and left upper legs whenever there were downhills.
Shortened my stride length and ran at an easy pace.
Sucked it up all the pains that I had and tried not to think about it.


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